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Carrie Chang Chief Executive Officer
Susan Geller Chief Administrative Officer
Telly Mamayek VP, Communications & Engagement
Katie Lewis Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

Member Engagement

Liz Erstad-Hicks Senior Director, Member Engagement
Mark McDonald Member Services Manager
Alisha Peterson Member Program Coordinator
Abby Hause Member Services Coordinator
Shany Torres Member Services Coordinator
Tamaria Verdell Member Services Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

Chelsea Dolan Director of Marketing & Communications
Ross Auger Multimedia Specialist
Anne Kehtel Marketing Specialist
Ava Spencer Events and Marketing Specialist

Research, Government Affairs

David Arbit, MCRP Director of Research & Economics
ERIC MYERS Director of Government Affairs
Jackson Pineau Policy and Research Specialist

Accounting, IT

Christi Seelen Senior Manager, Finance and Accounting
Roxanne Pengelly Accounting and Benefits Specialist
Troy Siegert Sr. Manager, IT and Facilities