Award nominations are closed. Nominations for 2024 will open in November, 2023.

Each year, MAR honors members at our Annual Installation and Awards Celebration with the REALTOR® of the Year, Rising Star, Affiliate of the Year and the Good Neighbor Award. Recipients of these awards have demonstrated the highest level of professional excellence, while providing exemplary service to the real estate community.

REALTOR® of the Year

Recognizes a member who has displayed sincere commitment and devotion to the residential real estate industry and the community.

Past Recipients

2023, Lyndon Smith
2022, Jamar Hardy
2021, Jerry Moscowitz
2020, Cotty Lowry
2019, Carson Brooks
2018, Patrick Paulson
2017, LeRoy Bendickson
2016, Todd Walker
2015, Kathryn Hammerseng
2014, Nene Matey Keke
2013, Paul Sigurdson
2012, Emily Green
2011, Anand Prashad
2010, Michael Hoffman
2009, Todd Shipman
2008, Cari Linn
2007, Gregg Roeglin
2006, Robert Grill
2005, Fran Davis
2004, Budd Batterson
2003, Debra Greene
2002, John Anderson
2001, Kevin Ries
2000, Orville Fillbrandt
1999, James Dattalo
1998, Rosemary Beaurline
1997, Mark Allen
1996, Larry Peterson
1995, Nancy Argo
1994, Sharon Cassen

Affiliate of the Year

Recognizes an Affiliate member who has shown great enthusiasm and leadership for the Association. The award recipient is someone who has gone above and beyond the normal role as an Affiliate member to support and promote the real estate industry and the REALTOR® members. The Affiliate Member of the Year is someone that shows dedication and involvement in both the organization as well as with the local community and clients.

Past Recipients

2021, Jill Morrison
2020, Kevin Walsh

Rising Star Award

Recognizes up-and-coming leaders who are successful in their real estate career and have demonstrated enthusiasm, innovation and commitment to raising the bar in real estate.  The award will aide in increasing professionalism in the industry and further develop future MAR leaders.

Past Recipients

2023, Jackie Berry
2022, Jen Piller Quade
2021, Daniel Nelson
2020, Sarah Huffman

MAR Good Neighbor Award

Many of our members modestly donate their time and funds to help improve the lives of others in need or to help advance a cause or a mission that they care about.

The MAR Good Neighbor Award recognizes and celebrates these remarkable members who make a positive impact on their community and have made a great difference to others. This annual award seeks to highlight, inspire, and perpetuate the individual contributions within the real estate industry toward improving the livability of our cities and towns, as well as financially support the non-profits that exist to do the same. MAR will make a donation behalf of the recipient(s) to the non-profit noted in the application.

Past Recipients

2023, Liz Fagen, Jonna Kosalko
2022, Shannon Brooks, Ben Johnson, Lyndon Smith
2021, Andrea Kraft
2021, Lindsay Bacigalupo
2019/2020, Steve Havig
2019/2020, Allan Tachovsky
2019/2020, Sheila Mitchell
2019/2020, Susannah Dodge
2019/2020, David Philp
2018, Lynn Foulke
2018, Katrina Dewit
2018, Blake Hanson
2018, Wyn Ray
2018, Mary Hollway
2017, Jennifer Olstad
2017, Richard Kelley
2017, Jacqueline Erickson
2017, Kevin Knudsen
2017, Whitney Kieffer
2017, Gregory Kuhl
2016, Bonita Everts
2016, Ted Field
2016, Chuma Ikegwuani
2016, Steven Ganz
2016, Philip Rustad
2015, Judith Betchwars
2015, Jason Moore
2015, Shawna Frazier
2015, Whitney Kieffer
2015, Lisa Hathy
2014, Jo Damhof
2014, Kathryn Hammerseng
2014, Sandy Loescher
2014, Bonnie Thompson
2013, LeRoy Bendickson
2013, Colleen McCreight
2013, Cheryl Holds
2013, Bill Minge