Top Reasons to Pay Your MLS Fees on Time

Keep your membership alive and pay your MLS fees on time! 4th Quarter MLS Fees are due by September 30. All you have to do is login to the online portal and submit your $119 payment. We’ve made it easy for you through the “How to Pay your Quarterly MLS Fee” video.

If you don’t, here’s what could happen to you (and your office)!


October 1: Unpaid agents are suspended and a $25 late fee is assessed

November 1: Offices with unpaid MLS fees are suspended. This means your membership with MAAR will remain active, but no agents in your office will have MLS access.

December 1: Unpaid offices are terminated. Membership with MAAR and all services will be terminated for all agents in your office, including access to the MLS and Supra lockbox system. A $100 Broker MLS reinstatement fee and all past due amounts will be required to reactivate office MLS access. A $100 reinstatement fee may be applied to all agents in your office to reinstate membership.

We repeat, unpaid offices and agents will lose access to the MLS. Don’t let this become you!


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