What is RPAC?

RPAC stands for the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. A PAC is a legal means by which interested individuals with common goals, like a trade association, ban together for the purposes of political action.

Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Corporate contributions are not acceptable by MN-RPAC and 100% will be allocated to the NAR Political Advocacy Fund. Contributions to RPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. You may contribute more or less than the suggested amount. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal, and the National Association of REALTORS® or any of its state associations or local associations will not favor or disfavor any member because of the amount contributed. Contributions under $1,000 will be provided 100% to MN-RPAC for use in state and local elections. For contributions totaling $1,000 or more, 70% is used by MN-PAC to support state and local political candidates and 30% is sent to National RPAC to support federal candidates and is charged against your limits under 52 U.S.C. 30116. For further information concerning RPAC contributions, please contact Chris Galler, RPAC Treasurer at cgaller@mnrealtor.com.


Call for Action

Take action to tell Congress to reform our tax code AND protect middle class homeowners. #taxreform #realtorparty


2017 Major RPAC Investors 

Platinum R Presidents Circle
John Smaby (NAR Hall of Fame)

Golden R, President’s Circle
Mark Allen
Fran Davis (NAR Hall of Fame)
Rod Helm

Crystal R
Robert Moline 

Sterling R, President’s Circle
David Pope
Paul Sigurdson (NAR Hall of Fame)

Sterling R
John Anderson (MNAR Hall of Fame)
Matt Baker
LeRoy Bendickson
Daniel Boman
Carson Brooks
Jennifer Cutter
Lynn Foulke
Alicia Garatoni
Emily Greene
Deb Greene
Kath Hammerseng
Steve Havig
Claire Killen
Kevin Knudsen
Matt Loskota
Cotty Lowry
Nene Matey-Keke
David Pope
Judy Shields
Todd Shipman
Paul Sigurdson
Linda Smaby
Stephen Stewart
Linda Stoeckicht
Brenda Tushaus
Bill Wald