Your DisplayKEY will be Deactivated on November 10, 2020!


Schedule your virtual appointment TODAY to make the move to Supra eKEY App or new XpressKEY. Download the guide or continue reading!

What You Need To Do! 


  • Know your key options prior to your appointment. Click here to learn more and determine what is best for your needs.
  • Decide between eKEY or XpressKEY.
  • If you want to switch to the eKey, grab your smartphone, iPad or tablet and download the Supra eKEY App from the App Store or Google Play.
  • The Supra eKEY app has become the key access method of choice for thousands of agents. Enjoy all the new features designed to streamline your business-all wrapped in a beautiful new experience.
  • Schedule an appointment to switch to the eKEY app or XpressKEY, first appointments start October 12. Supra will mail your XPressKey as soon as an appointment is made.

 ➥Schedule eKEY Conversion Appointment 

 ➥Schedule XpressKEY Conversion Appointment 

  • Your virtual activation appointment will be a two hour window where a Supra representative will contact you to activate your new key. You will need to be available during the two hour appointment time you select. Once your new Key is activated, your DisplayKEY will stop working and you will use your new Key to access lockboxes.

Unlock a higher level of service with Supra eKEY app.

  • No need to be in cellular coverage to open lockboxes once the eKEY app has been updated
  • Use your smartphone and carry one device
  • Integrated data at the door
  • Apple Watch compatibility
  • Biometrics and daily PIN
  • Showing detail reports
  • Authorization code improvements
  • Monitor your showings on your listings in the eKEY
  • Track your lockbox inventory
  • Ability to change your PIN code & lockbox shackle code
  • Agent Alert – Alert message Sent email or text

Key Options


  • $9.69 plus tax debited on the 17th of each month
  • Set access hours to listings, change keybox shackle codes in an instant, and track keybox inventory
  • Get real-time data at the door, including a listing photo and current property notes
  • Use the phone’s biometric feature or the Apple Watch® to open keyboxes
  • Receive real-time showing information when showings start and end

Alternate key, XpressKEY

  • $11.79 plus tax per month billed annually due 7/17/21 $141.48 plus tax

No money will be collected if you paid your DisplayKEY fees in July 2020.



The previous Keyholder Agreement for your Supra Key Service is hereby replaced and superseded in its entirety by a new Keyholder Agreement (see link below).  Please review the new Keyholder Agreement before continuing the process and be aware that your use of the Key assigned to you constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the new Keyholder Agreement.

Click here to review the new Keyholder Agreement.

Download the guide