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Glori Haider

Being available! Give them guidance and/or training. Answers questions that come up. Everyday in real estate is different from the last, and no transactions are alike. So being available to help others as they navigate a transaction that I may have had in the past that is similar.








Christine Smith

It is so easy to get caught up in what other women are doing or what they have. it is easy to want to compare yourself as well. Comparison is the biggest thief of joy. Stay in your own lane, do what you do best, be your own genuine self and compete only with yourself. Be a cheerleader for your peers and for other women that are your competition. I have found that lifting other women up and cheering them on keeps me humble and brings me such a feeling of gratitude.







Judy Shields

Be there! Offer to help vs waiting to get a request to help.






Tricia Jo Leanger

Continue to be there for encouragement and create time for dialog for open and honest conversations. I love strategizing and am a big cheerleader for continuing to better this amazing industry of real estate we are all in!








Angela Richter

We can cheer each other on publicly and privately. We can use our social media to share, encourage and support fellow women in their endeavors and hopefully create a trend of positivity. We can show up for each other’s functions, fundraisers, educational events and help promote each other’s businesses.








Rhea Barrow

Women can support other women by encouraging one another, not comparing, and remembering there are enough clients for everyone!








Karen London

Be willing to help! Make yourself available to advise other women if you’ve been in the business for a long time.