Women of MAR: What inspired your career in Real Estate? Tags: Specialty

It’s Women’s History Month, and all month long you’ll be hearing from the women of MAR on their experiences in real estate, what inspires them, their advice for other women, and more! This week, meet seven women who shared what inspired their careers to take off.

Danielle Burton-Haselrig

“It was my dream career as a little kid. I spent Sundays going to open houses with my mom when I was little and I was so enamored with agents and their big smiles (and let’s face it—back then—even bigger bangs—so much aqua net). Now that I’m older, I have always loved helping people and so this just seemed perfect for me and so far, so good.”







Liz Fagen

I spent 20 years in sales working for large organizations and traveling the world. I love being in a sales role, however, I was burned out. My passion is helping people. It’s a simple idea but that is what feeds my soul. And my career wasn’t offering me that. I took the advice of a trusted mentor and moved into real estate. It was scary to make the change but I jumped and never looked back. This is a decision I do not regret and each time I get to help a first time home buyer, or a family in a life-changing situation, etc. I know my work has done something truly good for another person. I have never loved my career more than I do as a realtor – even on the tough days!






Sarah Polovitz

My mom, role model and mentor, Kathy Rauth, obtained her real estate license in 1981. I have always followed in her footsteps, from becoming a pilot like her, to getting into real estate. It was an honor to be on a mother-daughter real estate team with my mom for eight years before Kathy entered into a well-deserved retirement.







Jan Anderson

I became inspired to enter the industry after touring a beautiful development in Mexico with which a friend was involved. He asked if I would consider becoming licensed and joining their team. When I experienced the excitement and joy of the buyers as they researched vacation property and began considering the opportunities for their future, I became hooked! There is no better feeling than sharing my clients’ excitement with with them at the closing table!




Lynne O’Reilly

The always changing Real Estate market allows for opportunity to learn, nurture, network and succeed. A real estate agent wears many hats, has many disappointments but there is an indescribable high you get when you are able to help place the right person in the right home, at the right price and at the right time.







Christine Smith

The desire to do right by consumers. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make sure the experience of purchasing a home was a positive but fun one. I wanted to make sure at the end of the day they felt like they learned something from me.








Terri Rezac

Utilizing my knowledge and experience to ensure as many people are in the right home for their current chapter in life. Guiding families through this process while preserving family relationships and alleviating stress. Empowering clients to feel confident and in control of their choices pertaining to housing.