Women of MAR: What advice do you have for other women getting into the business? Tags: Specialty



Kathleen Hoiseth

“Go For It! Start with the basics; Develop a business plan (even for your first year) contact your sphere, announce your new career on all your social networks, along with a business page, work at open houses, attend all your office and network meetings, and find a woman you admire and respect and ask her to mentor you. I was a mentor for several years for new agents, and it was one of the most rewarding times in my career!”







Betty Cole

“You have to make a commitment to follow through and have a plan. That plan means daily things that you will do to connect with people on a regular basis. People do not come to you, you must reach out to them. You must give of your time but still stay true to your family. Success will come your way if you work at it.”








Deb Greene

“FOCUS. Find a great mentor. Don’t measure your success by people who are only your critics.”






Kim Pease

“There is room for everyone to be successful. You do you!”








Laurie Knudson

“Know that you are enough. The background you have and the people you already know are your best sources of business. It’s not about the money you can make. It’s about the people you help. The more people you help, the better you will do for yourself. ”








Patty Zuzek

“Speak your truth, work hard and be humble. ”








Anne Gray

“Find a successful agent and ask them to mentor you. Don’t give up! Be ambitious- it’s hard work. ”








Emma Faris

“Run your business- don’t let it run you. We have so many obligations as women, so it is okay to set boundaries with clients. We are hired to be the leaders of each transaction and our clients will understand that we are human when expectations are set. Quit using so many exclamation marks in emails. Learn how to properly pronounce “Realtor”. I could go on for days!”







Kelli Johanson

“Be unapologetically you!”





Teya Young

“Surround yourself with supportive encouraging people. Your peers should want to see you succeed and show you how they made their way. If they are not willing? You are not at the right place. The right people will want you to grow and shine! Find your people!”





Mary Deschamps

“Go for it! Connect with experienced agents, network, persevere.”








Sandy Loescher

“I grew up on a farm. You can be the best farmer, the hardest worker and have the best equipment and you can still have crop failure. If you can live with that, then jump right in.”






Shelly Billiet

“Have a strong support system, family and/or broker.”








Denise Mazone

“I honestly believe that women rule the world! It is important to have a strong financial plan that will allow you to start up your business, since you may not get your first paycheck for months after start up.”








Judy Shields

“Use your resiliency, positive mental attitude and courage to make you successful. These are your attributes and nobody has more power over them you do.”






Lisa Dunn

“Get a mentor, learn to business plan, understandy your WHY.”