Women of MAR: How can women support other women in real estate and in their organizations? Tags: Specialty







Angie Toomey

“Every woman; rookie or veteran can support others in our industry. Cheer people on when you notice something great, listen and support when needed and always say Thank You!”








Angie Hannan

“Network with other women, help advertise fellow women’s listings and buyer needs. Hold women-lead events and trainings, etc.”








Trisha Vierzba

“Understanding that every woman has different dreams and hopes and no matter what they are we should always encourage every woman to reach for THIER goals and not be influenced by others opinions.”







Terri Erickson

“Mentoring them”








Katey Bean

“As women we often juggle more than our counterparts and real estate itself can be a very demanding job. I feel compelled to teach agents how to utilize leverage in their businesses to work at their full potential, enjoy the job and avoid burnout.”








Katrina DeWit

“Collaborating over competition is the best when I find like-minded women! I love chatting with other women about what works or doesn’t and mentoring each other.”








Rhea Barrow

“Remember that there is enough space for us all and that if we empower one another only good can come from that.”








Courtney Atkinson

“We lift each other up. Real Estate is about networking with other agents and making new friends to hopefully work with down the road. I think it’s important to bounce ideas, network, and support one another. We have a ‘Moms Club’ where we try to get together 1/month.”








Mary Beth Burgstahler

“By lifting each other up! As women, we have had to fight to get where we are in the 21st century, and while many realtors are pitted against each other, I believe in viewing other women in my industry as colleagues. I also make an effort to support locally owned women run businesses, and will actually be featuring 5 Lake Minnetonka women-run health and wellness businesses next month in my blog.”





Julissa Fuentes-Roberts

“Collaborate. The moment we realize that we can do more when we stop competing and start helping each other win, the positive impact that results is multiplied ten times over!”








Ja’Na Dickens

“By being transparent about the highs and lows of the business. Mentorship and being a role model.”








Talia Hindi

“While I realize there is a lot of competition in this business, there is plenty of work to go around. Let’s stop looking at each other as adversaries and start working towards uniting to make this industry better not only for other Realtors®, but also our clients! We all have the same goal!”








Anna Broadrick

“Through mentorship and camaraderie.”








Keely Ranweiler

“Don’t compete or compare, let’s support each other!”