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In celebration of Women’s History Month, we want to shine a light on our 2024 Realtor® of the Year, E. Guille Garza, and her work to revive the Twin Cities Metro chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors® (WCR). Understanding the strength of the WCR as a networking platform on a national scale, she collaborated with their national leadership, officially re-establishing the TC chapter in the spring of 2023. She assembled a dedicated board of leaders, including MAR members Missy Roterdam, Adriana Martinez, and Nicko Spehn. Together, they successfully cultivated a network of 57 members within the first year.

What is the mission of the Women’s Council of Realtors® (WCR)? 
We are a network of successful Realtors®, advancing women as business leaders in the industry and in the community we serve.

What role did you have in restarting the Twin Cities’ WCR chapter?

How does the WCR uplift women Realtors® in our community?
As a new network in the Twin Cities, we are actively developing educational programs to empower women in real estate. Our initiatives encompass workshops, seminars, and training sessions covering market trends, negotiation skills, and technology use. Dedicated to advocacy within the real estate industry, we support policies promoting leadership, address challenges unique to women, and provide valuable resources for navigating these issues.

One of our goals is mentorship programs, fostering essential professional development by pairing seasoned real estate professionals with those newer to the industry, emphasizing mutual support.
In our early stages, we are committed to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women Realtors® through upcoming awards ceremonies and acknowledgment events, with the goal of inspiring and motivating others in the field.

Our emphasis on community engagement involves active participation in local events, outreach programs, and charitable activities, fostering a strong bond between women Realtors® and the communities they serve. We really appreciate our state and local association for their support to WCR Twin Cities Metro.

This year’s Women’s History Month theme is Women Who Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The theme recognizes women who speak up and are leading change in their fields. How does the WCR support DEI initiatives?
The Women’s Council of Realtors® Twin Cities Metro (WCR) is dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) by fostering a diverse membership, offering educational programs on DEI topics, advocating for inclusive policies in the real estate industry, providing mentorship support for underrepresented groups, celebrating achievements of women from diverse backgrounds, actively engaging with communities through events and outreach, and maintaining transparent communication about their commitment to DEI initiatives.

As the President of the WCR Twin Cities Metro, I am proud to lead a diverse group. Being a minority, a woman, a Latina, and a community servant, I feel fortunate and honored to contribute to this network. Our strength lies in our diversity, and I am committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every member can thrive and contribute to the success of our community. Together, we celebrate our unique backgrounds and perspectives, recognizing the value they bring to our collective efforts.