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Women of MAR: Speaking Up for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Tags: Specialty


It’s Women’s History Month! This year’s theme is Women Who Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The theme recognizes women who speak up and lead change in their fields. All month long you’ll be hearing from the women of MAR on their experiences in real estate, their advice for other women, and more! This week, meet eight women who share how they support DEI initiatives.

Katrina DeWit

I’ve been working with My Very Own Bed as a fundraiser and committee member for four years, also donating $100 per home sale for kids coming out of homelessness to have a bed of their own. Recently joining the DEI committee with MAR, I look forward to expending awareness and action through our industry and the community. I work with LBGTQIA+ community as a majority of my clients and thrive in helping them explore their choices within real estate in a welcoming and safe environment.







Stevie Wimber

I support people of diverse backgrounds by staying up to date on Fair Housing laws, hiring minority and women-owned vendors as much as possible, and by empowering women and minorities to purchase real estate and build their own generational wealth without the help of a male partner. I have also met with lenders who specialize in different types of home loans which cater to the needs of borrowers who cannot get loans with interest. I have joined women’s organizations and offer my support in the form of advice, time, and even trading professional services to help minimize the barriers to success which women face in the workplace.






Julie Diedrich

Our company has a DEI group, this past summer I participated in our Coldwell Banker Realty Booth at pride and attended the amazing pride parade to watch my son march in parade for General Mills. I’m a part of a mentor group since becoming licensed that meets weekly to encourage, educate and be better agents, I participate in another mentor group every other week at our office that focuses on training each other and motivating each other. Many in these two groups are women. As my kids are grown now I am working to find where I fit in either getting more involved in our Coldwell DEI group or joining some outside non-profit groups. Frankly the last 5 years have been about surviving the Real Estate Market!






Talia Hindi

One of my favorite parts of the career path I am on is inclusively supporting all I am fortunate enough to help, but especially those who are looking to make the jump from renter to homeowner. It is so rewarding to let those who are interested in homeownership know about the incentives that different counties or cities offer for first-time or even first-generation buyers. Another part of being a Realtor I appreciate is seeking out a diverse group of local businesses to support. Whether it is a female lender to whom I choose to refer clients (in what is a very male-dominated field) or a family-owned business in town, I try to include a wide variety of people. Finally, I am on a team that consists of all women, something I am proud of and enjoy thoroughly. We are all mothers which is great in and of itself, but to have that support and understanding is beyond what I’ve experienced elsewhere.





Tara Toal

By getting involved with groups and organizations that are involved with creating opportunities for people from diverse communities. Also by providing support and education for communities that have been impacted by the lack of opportunities to purchase real estate.








Danielle Hayden

With my history as a special education teacher and administrator, I have a strong commitment to improve access and opportunity to families and children with disabilities.








Amina Ali

I support DEI initiatives first by creating an inclusive environment within my business as a Realtor. I equally provide ethical service for all people despite my extreme passion toward black wealth. I want everyone to feel welcome with me as I want to feel welcome as a professional. I also support DEI by attending gatherings and being on committees that focus on Diversity, equity and inclusion.







Ayeh Asiaii

I enjoyed a couple of years on the Saint Paul Association of Realtors DEI Committee; I even spent a year as Vice Chair. I also had the honor of being a member of the MN State DEI Committee for a year. I learned a lot while meeting more like-minded Realtors in the industry. A little tidbit about myself. I’m a Muslim Iranian-American. My husband is a Turkish Muslim. My children are mixed and definitely check multiple minority boxes. The communities I grew up in were similar in that sense — lots of minority boxes checked. How do I support DEI initiatives? I treat every person I work with as a person, regardless of those checked boxes. I continue to stay informed and have conversations that further my world perspectives. It isn’t always easy; it’s still worth it. I’d much rather make mistakes and help than stand still and not be of service.