The Weekly Pulse | 8-21-23 Tags:

Hello and welcome!  Let’s dig into the latest housing market activity. In addition to our regular weekly report, these weekly and monthly charts go beyond some of the higher-level trends. Here’s what the latest data are telling us:

  1. Just two out of nine price ranges saw year-over-year gains in showings as rates remain above 7.0 percent. The largest gain was in the $800K-1M range where showings increased 13.7 percent. Showings rose 11.2 percent on listing between $500-600K.
  2. Showings were down 9.5 percent overall compared to the same week last year. The $300-400K segment made up 24.5 percent of all showings while the $1M+ segment comprised 2.12 percent. The under-$200K segment made up 17.2 percent of showings, reflecting a bit of growth from this time last year.
  3. It appears as though the showings trend has softened slightly as rates have remained sticky above 7.0 percent.