The Weekly Pulse | 5-01-23 Tags: Market DataWeekly Pulse

Hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Here you’ll find an in-depth look at the latest housing market activity. In addition to our regular weekly report, these weekly and monthly charts go beyond some of the higher-level trends. Here’s what the latest data are telling us:

  1. Year-over-year showings rebounded to 2022 levels in mid-April, but last week we saw the familiar declines in showing activity we have become accustom to this year, down 20.8 percent.
  2. Only one price bracket had more showings than the same week last year, and that was  for listings priced between $800K-1M (+16.9 percent).
  3. The percentage of showings taking place on listings between $300-400K remained unchanged at 26.8 percent of total market share, the largest shared of the market when broken down by price.