The Weekly Pulse | 2-5-24 Tags: Weekly Pulse

Hello and welcome! Let’s dig into the latest housing market activity. In addition to our regular weekly report, these weekly and monthly charts go beyond some of the higher-level trends. Here’s what the latest data are telling us:

  1. Showing activity is once again moving opposite to the to 30-year mortgage rate: lower rates, higher showings and vice versa. There were nearly 17,000 showings during the week which was a 9.3% increase compared to the same week last year.
  2. Eight out of nine price ranges had an increase in showings compared to a year ago. The one exception was the sub-$200K range.
  3. The largest gain in showings was on properties priced between $500-600K, where they rose 46.8%. The next largest increase in showings was in the $1M+ range where they rose 44.5%.
  4. Listings priced under $200K made up 13.7% of showings. Listings over $1M comprised about 2.6% of all showings. The largest share of showings (25.6%) still occur on listings between $300-400K.