The Stats Deck: Buyer, Seller & Showing Activity through 4/25/2021 Tags: Market DataWeekly Pulse

Hello stats fans and data lovers near and far. These special weekly market updates put buyer and seller activity in context and capture any market shifts. They feature all the charts and data you’ve come to love, including showings by price point. Don’t forget to check out our regular Weekly Market Activity Report. Once you’ve logged in to Northstar, Infosparks is also an excellent resource for custom market research and data.

In the meantime, check out the latest showings numbers and market indicators compared to 2019

Weekly insight:  Seller activity for the week dipped again, matching our weekly average from a year ago. Overall, new listings are down almost 30% from 2019. Meanwhile, buyer activity continues to trend above the past three years. This past week was the first time in 2021 that weekly pending sales have surpassed weekly new listings. Showing activity remains high relative to years prior as potential buyers continue to tour listings between $250-300K, more than any other price range for the week. Compared to 2020 & 2019 – where the largest share of overall showings was under $200K – buyers are effectively forced to consider higher priced homes in today’s market. Showing activity has grown in all price ranges above $250K, reinforcing the belief that buyers are shifting their interests up in price, even relative to a recent pre-COVID market. Homes listed between $500-750K grew most in the past two years, in terms of actual signed contract activity. Given the lack of supply in more affordable price ranges, it should be no surprise to see increased buyer activity in the higher priced homes. Buyers can only consider and put an offer on homes currently listed on the market.

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