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The Stats Deck: Buyer, Seller & Showing Activity through 8/23/2021 Tags: Market DataWeekly Pulse

Hello stats fans and data lovers near and far. These special weekly market updates put buyer and seller activity in context and capture any market shifts. They feature all the charts and data you’ve come to love, including showings by price point. Don’t forget to check out our regular Weekly Market Activity Report. Once you’ve logged in to Northstar, Infosparks is also an excellent resource for custom market research and data.

In the meantime, check out the latest showings numbers and market indicators compared to 2019.

Weekly insight: Buyer activity rose in the last week compared to the late summer of 2019. Although it remains more appropriate to compare demand to pre-pandemic years, it’s worth noting the significance in this recent 6.2 percent increase in pending sales. Listings above $250K all saw average increases, while the affordable price points saw continued declines in buyer activity. Homes under $120K saw the largest decrease, down 68.0 percent, mostly due to the lack of inventory in this range. Seller activity once again dropped compared to 2019, but only my 9.6 percent, which is the smallest decline in weekly new listings we’ve seen months. Some price points fared better than others, most significantly listings between $350-750K which saw double-digit growth in the past two years. The relative increase in these price points is a welcome sign, because they have seen increased interest in showing activity for most of the year. While listings around $250K held the largest share of showing activity in the past week, homes priced around $600K saw strong growth in showing interest since 2019. The 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Average in the United States remained under 3.0 percent once again this past week.

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