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The Myles Minute: Court Reverses Injunction, Revives Minneapolis 2040 Plan for More Housing Options Tags: Government Affairs

Hello! I’m Myles Artis, Government Affairs Director for Minneapolis Area Realtors®. I’m committed to keeping you posted on legislation or advocacy alerts that could impact your business. Let’s dive in:

What’s happening:

The City of Minneapolis can now proceed with implementing its Minneapolis 2040 plan after the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed an injunction set by a lower court in late 2023.

The court ruled that the lower judicial body should not have granted the injunction and abused its discretion by imposing unnecessary hardship on the city. The Court stated that the respondents of the case (coalition environmental groups) had to demonstrate the injunction was necessary to prevent environmental degradation, not the City of Minneapolis.

Brief background:

The Minneapolis 2040 plan was adopted by the city to increase density in some neighborhoods and making it easier to build multi-family homes to help address the housing shortage, which affordable housing advocates supported. The decision comes just as lawmakers in the state House and Senate are considering legislation to end the legal battle with the City of Minneapolis and a coalition of environmental groups.

The House passed a bill that would exempt metro area comprehensive plans from environmental review and the Senate passed a similar version of the bill in its chamber. The bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

So why is this important for you?

As you know, we are facing a housing crisis here in Minneapolis, the state of MN, and the entire country. This severe shortage impacts prospective consumers and impacts Realtors® like you because when housing options are so limited, fewer people are able to get into the market and seek trusted Realtor® partners to help them achieve their goals. A desperately pinched housing supply puts homeownership out of reach for more and more people. Increasing that supply is crucial for consumers, for your business, and for our vibrant Minneapolis communities.

This update is meant to be for your awareness only. If there comes a time where I need your participation on anything advocacy related, you’ll hear from me.

If you have any questions about this update or the 2040 Plan more generally, let’s talk! Email me at mylesa@mplsrealtor.com.


Myles Artis
Government Affairs Director, Minneapolis Area Realtors®