Sneak peek at the Foundation’s 2020 plan Tags: Announcements
2020 Trustees Chair Cari Linn

With 2020 now underway, I wanted to share what the Minneapolis Area REALTORS Foundation’s Board of Trustees has in store for the year. We have been meeting for several weeks now, mapping out a plan to build on our successful record of supporting local organizations’ efforts to help end homelessness. Here’s a sneak peek:

This year you’re going to see the Foundation increasing engagement with MAR’s members, developing more partnerships to extend our reach and doing more meaningful outreach to boost awareness about our work. What does this mean for you?

For starters, it will be easier for our members to give back. There will be new, expanded service opportunities through improved coordination with MAR’s committees, brokers and industry partners.

Also, members will have the latest information about the Foundation’s efforts at the tip of their fingertips. Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, on the Foundation’s website, at classes and events or on the local news, the latest on how the Foundation is helping end homelessness will be hard to miss.

Among our recent efforts was a $1,000 donation to the Minneapolis Foundation for the people displaced by the fire that destroyed the Francis Drake Hotel in downtown Minneapolis on Christmas Day. Our hearts go out to those impacted by the fire and we are grateful for the opportunity to support them.

We also plan to deepen the impact of member donations as we raise more money to help the local organizations that are on the front lines of the affordable housing crisis in the Twin Cities. All dollars raised support our mission.

Our biggest fundraising event of the year is planned on September 10, 2020 at Quincy Hall in Northeast Minneapolis. With a goal of more attendees and funds raised at this year’s gala, I hope you’ll join us in the effort to make sure everyone has a place to call home.