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What’s our responsibility as Realtors® to be good stewards of such a valuable community resource as housing?

As Realtors, we have significant responsibilities to be good stewards of the community’s valuable resources such as housing. Our role goes beyond just facilitating property transactions, it involves promoting fair and ethical practices to ensure that housing is accessible, sustainable and beneficial to the broader community. Here are some key aspects of our responsibilities as Realtors: 1. Advocate for equal housing opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or familial status. 2. Educate clients and the community about the importance of responsible homeownership, property maintenance and sustainable living. 3. Support initiatives and policies that aim to increase the availability of affordable housing options in the community. Work with local governments and non-profit organizations to address housing affordability challenges. 4. Promote environmentally friendly practices in real estate, such as energy-efficient homes and sustainable developments. Encourage clients to consider long-term environmental impacts when making housing choices. 5. Engage in community activities and initiatives that promote access to housing for all members of the community. Support local organizations working towards affordable housing solutions and community development. 6. Advocate for policies that support responsible housing practices, fair housing and community development. Participate in discussions and forums that address housing issues at the local, state and national levels. 7. Encourage clients to consider their housing needs in the long term and invest in properties that align with their future goals while also contributing positively to the community.

Why should Realtors® be involved in their local communities?

Realtors should be involved in their local communities because this is where a lot of their clients come from. When we help make the community stronger with better housing, schools, parks, and places where the youth can congregate. Stronger neighborhood associations can team up with the community leaders to help them with changing local policies; it’s a win-win for the whole community and all the residents that live in the community.

What are your favorite ways that you (or your brokerage) give back?

My brokerage gives back to the community through our foundation grants. This year we gave out four grants to organizations that serve our local communities. The way I personally like to give back is by getting out into the community and getting my hands dirty. I’ve helped build houses with Habitat for Humanity, built a neighborhood garden through Rebuilding Together, and helped build furniture through Bridging MN, all free of charge for people in need in the local community.

In what ways have you (or your brokerage) created opportunities for communities to come together?

With our “Just Deeds Coalition” initiative we have been able to bring many communities together with the incentive to find discriminatory covenants and discharge them from their property titles.