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As part of an effort to help shine light on the systemic racism that still exists within our industry, we created a survey to collect your stories that we can share with our members through a new collective effort called the Racial Covenant Project. This effort, which seeks the removal of discriminatory language in housing contracts, includes MAR, the St. Paul Area Association of Realtors, the Minnesota Association of City Attorneys, Mapping Prejudice, Edina Realty Title, and others. The 2020 Chair of MAR’s newly renamed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Lyndon Smith and 2018 MAR President Kath Hammerseng are members of the work group.

The Racial Covenant Project is taking action against racial covenants which are legal contracts embedded in property deeds that prevent Blacks and other people of color from purchasing homes. MAR is proud to support the effort to educate others about this practice and to seek the removal of these despicable contracts.

Please take a few minutes to explain your experience with racism in real estate on our short survey. We appreciate your participation and willingness to be a part of creating a culture that celebrates and promotes diversity, inclusion and equality for all.

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