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We spoke with Adade Amenounve, Sponsorship Director with NAHREP and a Trustee of the MAR Foundation, to learn more about NAHREP’s work.

What is the mission of your organization?

NAHREP is a purpose-driven organization that is propelled by a passionate combination of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage and the advocacy of its members. Our mission is to advance sustainable homeownership for all Latinos.

NAHREP believes clients deserve to deal with real estate and lending professionals who are experts in their field and are genuinely committed to promoting sustainable homeownership with all the clients they serve, particularly within the growing Hispanic community in the United States.

How does your organization define success?

NAHREP accomplishes its mission by:

  • Educating and empowering the real estate professionals who serve Hispanic home buyers & sellers
  • Advocating for public policy that supports the trade association’s mission
  • Facilitating relationships among industry stakeholders, real estate practitioners and other housing industry professionals

What is an interesting fact about your organization most people don’t know?

We are a local chapter that was started four years ago and is growing with the direction of its dedicated board members who are continually engaged with the community. In 2020, the local chapter grew its membership by 18% and added four new Board Directors. NAHREP members also hold seats on MNR, MAR, SPAAR and MMA.

With a projected annual purchasing power of $1.9 trillion by 2022, the Hispanic community is the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority group.  They are reshaping the way goods and services are delivered across the marketplace, daily.  In the housing sector, Latinos are expected to become key drivers in the first-time homebuyer market and will comprise over half of all new homeowners.

NAHREP members are an important link to Hispanic homebuyers. As trusted advisors, NAHREP professionals influence brand and purchase decisions in a variety of products and services. Our partnership program offers companies the opportunity to position products and services to a key audience that is a vital conduit to Hispanic homebuyers.

When you partner with us, you join our network of over 60,000 active members, over 100 local chapters and representatives in 48 states.

What plans does your organization have for 2021/2022?

Educate, connect and advocate.

What inspires you / what do you love most about the work your organization does?

Educating and empowering the real estate professionals who serve Hispanic home buyers & sellers.

Advocating for public policy that supports the trade association’s mission.

Facilitating relationships among industry stakeholders, real estate practitioners and other housing industry professionals.

How can people get involved with your organization?

Every year, NAHREP analyzes the demographic trends, entrepreneurial endeavors, and homeownership growth of the U.S. Latino population in the State of Hispanic Homeownership Report. The association takes a stand on policy issues which affect the Latino population in the annual Policy Position Statement. The Top 250 Latino Agents and Mortgage Originators are highlighted in the Top 250 Award program and report every year.

Membership is $49 for a calendar year. You can upgrade to Platinum membership for only $199.

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to all who have an interest in the future of the Latino community and any individuals employed in the housing industry including real estate agents, mortgage professionals and closing agents.

Do you have to be Hispanic to join?

No. Many of NAHREP’s members are Non-Hispanic and share a passion for our mission to serve Latino homebuyers.

Does the organization function nationally or locally?

Both. NAHREP is a national organization but also functions at the local level and has local chapters in 48 States. Each chapter has a relationship with NAHREP National. All chapters are required to sign a licensing agreement and subscribe to a specific code of conduct. Members of NAHREP chapters are by default members of NAHREP National, as well.

Who are NAHREP’s leaders?

A national volunteer board of directors governs NAHREP, sets policy priorities and provides guidance to the staff. The board is comprised of real estate practitioners and corporate executives from across the United States.

How can NAHREP help me as a real estate professional?

NAHREP’s number-one mission is to educate real estate professionals about the needs and cultural distinctions of Latino consumers. Through NAHREP events, webinars and chapter meetings, practitioners are exposed to a range of experts and business-based material that helps them increase their business and deliver better service to their clients.

NAHREP conferences and meetings also provide an invaluable forum for members to network with other like-minded professionals to exchange ideas about unique marketplace challenges that come with serving minority homebuyers.

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