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What REALTORS® Should Know:
New Energy Disclosure Report required by the City of Minneapolis

Starting January 15, 2020, the City of Minneapolis will include a new energy disclosure report in the Truth-in-Sale of Housing (TISH) program. The two-page ‘Asset-Based Energy Efficiency’ report will be part of the set of returned documents from the TISH inspection. The energy disclosure report will be based on four criteria: attic insulation, wall insulation, heating system, and window efficiency. Using these criteria, homes will be rated on a 0 to 100-point scale with 100 being the best. The report also will prioritize recommended improvements based on a maximum 10-year window of return on investment. No repairs will be required. 

What is new?

  • New Asset-Based Energy Efficiency Report will be added to the TISH Report starting on January 15, 2020
  • Homes will be scored on a 0 to 100-point scale (100 being best) based on four criteria:
    • Wall insulation (2” diameter drill hole on pre-1980 built homes only)
    • Attic insulation (number of inches/R Value)
    • Heating system (age & type)
    • Window efficiency (type & value)
  • Homeowners who have had an Energy Audit or other recognized certification in the past 5 years will not be required to order the Asset-Based Energy Efficiency Report.

What is staying the same?

  • The process for homeowners ordering a TISH inspection remains the same.
  • The TISH Report is required for listing Minneapolis property (single family, duplex, townhomes, and first-time condo conversions) must be on display and made available during open houses.
  • The green editing fields on MLS remain the same.

What REALTORS® can do to inform consumers:

  • Before listing the house, develop a plan for informing consumers about the new energy disclosure report
  • After TISH Report comes back, explain energy disclosure report, including the score and recommended repairs
  • Firm up list of relevant contractors to refer to consumers for repairs. Decisions are up to the homeowner; no repairs are required.

For more information, contact Eric Myers, Government Affairs Director at or 952.988.3124

Minneapolis Energy Disclosure Report