MN REALTORS® Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign Impact: Upper Northside Business Association Tags: Community


Upper Northside Business Association (UNBA) was a recipient of funds raised during the MN REALTORS® Rebuilding Community Giving Campaign.

They allocated the donations to five businesses in the 4th Ward that were damaged during the civil unrest in the summer of 2020.

Bunmi Simpeh – Boost Mobile

Anna Donato-Ghani – Emily’s/Pickles Cafe

Mahmoud Rammouni – Boost Mobile

Kevin Aidwalk – Webber Market

Kester Wubben – Mailbox Solutions

UNBA’s goal for the upper Northside is to make it more walkable with shopping, food and entertainment available to residents.

Anika Robbins, UNBA Board Chair, shared with MAR, “As you can imagine, business owners are still in the process of rebuilding, repairing, etc. Recent events related to the murder of Daunte Wright brought added weight to our community as well. We appreciate your patience and support as we all continue to rebuild, restore and heal.”

They are planning to rebuild the upper Northside, creating sustainable wealth, jobs and providing support so local businesses can thrive.

“Before the sky fell our goal, our vision, was to really think about what kind of neighborhood we wanted,” Robbins said. “We decided we wanted a neighborhood that was thriving, with bustling pockets of various kinds of businesses that had a lot of cultural sass.”

In addition, UNBA is working on plans to support and connect entrepreneurs who work from home.