Members Engage Successfully on Brooklyn Center Rental Amendments Tags:

Minneapolis Area REALTORS® members Jerry Moscowitz, Pat Paulson, and Sheree Steele mobilized and quickly connected with Brooklyn Center councilmembers to share their expertise and understanding on a proposed ordinance, which would amend current tenant protections. Thanks to their efforts, the ordinance was delayed for extended workshop and discussions in early 2022, creating time for a better-developed ordinance, and a better understanding of the implications. Primarily, the changes would have included adding a 30-day notice of eviction and provisions known as ‘Just Cause Eviction.’

The ‘Just Cause Eviction’ standard restricts the housing providers ability to terminate a lease and limits it to a specified list of acceptable situations. Pat Paulson pointed out that “leases may need to be terminated for any number of uncontemplated reasons not reflected in the ‘Just Cause’ provisions, not the least of which may be tenant safety which is not currently listed.”

The 30-day notice of eviction would be the longest period of its type, exceeding both the city of Minneapolis and State of Minnesota standards for such notice. The 30-day notice is unworkable from a housing provider standpoint because it forestalls necessary action, and also disincentivizes the landlord to work out an agreement with the tenant.

“These REALTORS® quickly mobilized, connected with a councilmember, shared their concerns regarding the proposed ordinance, and were successfully able to secure a delay to encourage further discussion about the real problems and better match the solutions to the issues,” said Eric J. Myers, Director of Government Affairs, Minneapolis Area REALTORS®.