Member Spotlight: Todd Shipman Tags: Announcements

How long have you been a Realtor® and a member of MAR/NAR? What prompted your decision to become a Realtor®?

I became a member in 1997, year 24! I have always been an independent contractor, the idea of not having control over my own work is unimaginable to me. I moved to MPLS in June of 1997, from NYC.  My sister has been a Realtor® for 36 years on the East Coast and I had a few friends here that were Realtors®, so it is a natural fit for me. I have always liked solving problems and building better lives for people. The human element is really the very best part.

What is your role, and how long have you been involved on the national level?

I am currently the Vice Chair of The Sustainability Advisory Group, I will be Chair in 2022. I think my first committee appointment at NAR was in 2006 on The International Operations Committee. I am proud to have been the Chair of multiple committees.



What do you enjoy most about your work on the national level? What is your proudest achievement or favorite memory of serving on the national level?

The National Association of Realtors® structure is volunteer based. The decisions made at the committee level are important to our continued success. It is a very unique organization that allows me to have a voice in what I want this organization to stand for and delivers, that is what I enjoy the most. Beyond that, it is amazing that as an independent contractor, I have built a national and global network of professionals that help me to be a better Realtor® and are great friends. The proudest moment was working with Professional Standards to add sexual preference to Article 10 of The Code of Ethics.  I was President of The National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals and Chair of The Diversity Committee, a small group of us became the advocates for the addition. It passed with 96% approval by the BOD in 2010. There were a few tense moments during the vote by the delegate body, but it passed there also.

What does the phrase, “That’s Who We R” mean to you?

We are the fabric of the community. Our work has an impact on the quality of life for the people and places we live and work. We build better lives.

Do you have any advice for new agents?

Become active in your local association. Get educated on how each of the levels of Realtor® Associations works and why they are important to your future.

When you’re not working where do you like to spend your time?

First of all, I love to work and be busy, I find my work fulfilling. Otherwise, I ride a lot of road bike, walk, work really hard to keep my home in tip-top condition and work with my Neighborhood Association to make this a better community.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That is hard, too many choices, probably some type of homemade pasta.