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Meet your Foundation Trustee: Ken Colston Tags: Community

How long have you been a Realtor and a member of MAR? 

I started my real estate career in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2012. I moved to south Minneapolis to be closer to my wife’s family in 2014, and I licensed here immediately. 

What do you like about being a Realtor? 

There is something so satisfying about helping people accomplish their dreams and goals. Real estate purchases and sales tend to be the largest financial decisions for most people. The word “Home” is so important and for most of us. It elicits the feeling of safety, security, and sanctuary. Where we choose to live is one of the most important decisions we make outside of who we choose to spend our lives with, how we structure our families, and the careers we choose for ourselves. Being a small part of these home buying and selling decision making processes by offering guidance, resources, and understanding is truly rewarding.  

What leadership roles have you had at MAR? Any thoughts to share about your experiences, so far? 

I’ve served in some capacity for MAR every year since joining the association. 

I started my involvement with MAR by joining the Diversity Committee where I served as vice chair and chair. That experience exposed me to additional opportunities including receiving the Jean Leaks Scholarship which allowed me to attend the National Association of Realtors® MidYear Legislative Meetings. That was truly eye opening, and it was there where I really began to see how much elected officials lean on Realtors® for their expertise. Every aspect of our community is intertwined through real estate.  

I am currently serving the last year of a threeyear term for Minneapolis Area Realtors® Board of Directors. I also serve on our local Government Affairs Committee, RPAC SubCommittee, Awards Committee, Education Advisory Board, and Nominating Committee. I also served on the National Association of Realtors® Leading Edge Advisory Board. 

I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to give back, and I’m continually surprised at how much more I get back by learning from so many amazing Realtors®, brokers, and MAR staff members.  

When did you join the MAR Foundation Board of Trustees? 

I joined the MAR Foundation Board of Trustees in January of 2019.   

Why did you get involved in the Foundation? 

If I had to point a finger I would say, “Barb Davis.” She is a friend and mentor, and her love for the foundation left me with no choice but to get further involved. Cotty Lowry and Mary Thorpe Mease were also instrumental in my pursuit to be part of the MAR Foundation.  

What is an accomplishment or favorite memory of your time on the Board of Trustees? 

Chairing the Grants Committee for MAR Foundation has allowed me to better understand the process as well as the complications and hurdles of charitable work. My favorite aspect is when we tour the facilities of the grant recipients and we simultaneously get to give them the money while witnessing how the money gets used. 

What would you like people to know about the Foundation’s work? 

All of that lovely talk I gave about home being safe, secure and providing sanctuary and financial stability doesn’t apply to everyone. It applies to those of us who have privilege. I see it is our duty to ensure that we work diligently to extend our fortunes to care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. There are so many incredible humans in this world, and yet there is still far too much cruelty. We see those who are beaten, abused and neglected for nothing more than the color of their skin, their gender identification, their religious beliefs, their age, and on and on. The work of the MAR Foundation is to end homelessness in the Twin Cities such that everyone gets to be in a home, and that they are Safe at Home.