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New Year Resolutions from 2023 MAR Leaders Tags: Specialty

What’s your New Year’s resolution in 2023? Our 2023 Leadership Team shares what they’re striving for in the New Year!

Jerry Moscowitz, President 

Enjoy the journey and don’t always fixate on the final destination.

Keeping family first.

Listen to my body and get enough sleep.

Find more ways to spread the word and educate on home ownership.







Jamar Hardy, President Elect

My NY Resolution has been the same for the past few years. To work towards improving the RE Industry to make it better than the way I found it 20yrs ago.  Also, to continue to fit into my current wardrobe ?










Shae Hanson, Treasurer

While it is not a New Year’s Resolution, I did go through the exercise of determining my word of the year, which is to flourish! With a baby boy due in March, I’m excited to flourish in becoming a mom of two. I also look forward to seeing my team as well as my business and leadership roles flourish in 2023 after a year of growth and development.








Frank D’Angelo, MAR Secretary

My resolution is always to do what I can to upgrade the human potential of those around me! I’m a proud coach and mentor, grandpa, MAR Director, and Broker. My goal in 2023 is to be the best I can be in all of those roles.







Denise Mazone, Past President

“My number one resolution is to continue working with first time homebuyers, and my number two resolution is to spend more time relaxing!”