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MAR Foundation Trustee Spotlight: Sarah Huffman Tags: Community


How long have you been a Realtor® and a member of MAR? What prompted your decision to become a Realtor®?  

I became a Realtor® 4.5 years ago and joined forces with my husband, William Huffman. I learned a lot as a first-time homebuyer in 2006. Some things were controllable, and some things were not. That experience has been invaluable as I guide my clients in what is often the biggest financial decision of their life. Sometimes that even means NOT buying or selling. We also work with people when they are going through life events. I am the person they know, like and trust to be their advocate through the good and hard days.

What do you like about being a Realtor?   

I love this career. I get to work alongside my husband and an amazing team. Real estate is so much more than “showing homes and writing contracts”.  I am absolutely passionate about helping others meet their goals, whether they are a home buyer/seller, agents on my team, or colleagues in the industry. There is enough business to go around so collaboration is a must.

I was an elementary school teacher for six years out of college and then transitioned into management in big box retail.  Real estate has allowed me to utilize my skills of teaching, leadership, and strategy on a daily basis.

Why did you get involved in the MAR Foundation?  

I started out on the MAR Foundation as a member of the Gala Task Force because a friend asked me to join. Once I knew the mission and vision of the Foundation, I knew I needed to be involved further. Will and I feel strongly that giving back to our communities is a priority personally and professionally.  Every little bit that we can do will help the greater cause.

What is an accomplishment or favorite memory of your time on the Board of Trustees?   

The Foundation was able to adapt, adjust and overcome so many obstacles in 2020. It responded swiftly to the needs of our community after the Francis Drake Hotel fire last winter, COVID-19, and the George Floyd civil unrest. The Foundation leaned into all of the challenges and leaned in hard. It led the charge on an incredible fundraising event that generated over $250K that went directly to the businesses in our community. It is an honor to work alongside the Board of Trustees to be in the forefront of community engagement and development while navigating the unknown.

What would you like people to know about the Foundation and its work?  

I want people to know that every little bit helps.  We will continue to grow and impact lives in a meaningful way in our community.

Why is it important for people to give to the Foundation?  

It is important to give back but it is also imperative to know what you are giving to. When people give to a cause like the Foundation it is a gift that will directly impact our friends, families, and neighbors. As a Realtor® I don’t think there can be any better reward.

What is a goal you have for your term on the Trustees?   

To raise awareness of our mission to partner with and support local non-profit organizations in their work to end homelessness. This needs to happen within our real estate community and the general public so we can continue to do good in our communities through fundraising and donations. I also want to leave something better than when I found it, so I hope to do that with my contribution to the Foundation.