MAR Foundation Trustee Spotlight:  LeRoy Bendickson   Tags: Community


How long have you been a Realtor and a member of MAR? 

I have been a REALTOR and a member of MAR for 28 years (since April 1992). 

What do you like about being a Realtor? 

Buying a home for most people is the largest investment of their lives.  Seeing the happy faces when they find that home is truly a very satisfying experience.  Every day is different – new people, new properties, new problems to solve. Moving or buying a home is stressful and if I can help reduce that stress and burden for them so they can get to where they want to be.   

I am so very proud to be a REALTOR.  This is an industry that has a passion of making lives better for others and to build better communities.   

We are possibly the only industry that has a code of ethics that is actually enforced.   


What leadership roles have you had at MAR? Any thoughts to share about your experiences? 

I have held several leadership roles at MAR over the years.  As a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee I have been able to collaborate with others on the decisions that need to be made and how we will implement those ideas together. My fellow board and committee members are passionate about real estate and exercise great care in their decisions for the association, for the members and for their clients. 

I also am proud of being the co-founder and first chairperson of the Awards and Community Engagement Committee, which recognizes REALTORS who are making a difference at MAR and in the community.  

In my leadership roles at MAR, I work closely with the staff and their leadership and they are all top notch and organized.   

When did you join the MAR Foundation Board of Trustees?   

I have been involved with the Foundation for about nine years as we built playgrounds for youth, helped a senior home put in gardens for their common areas and issued grants to numerous non-profits that provide housing and housing-related services to those in need.  

I took a couple years off and then came back as a MAR foundation Trustee in 2020.  In addition to its regular work, the Foundation issued grants to non-profits impacted by COVID-19 and hosted a giving campaign that raised more than $250,000 to rebuild businesses impacted by the civil unrest. 

Why did you get involved in the Foundation? 

The very first committee that I wanted to be on was the Foundation.  I have always been the type of person that wants to do what is best for others.  I wanted to see what the foundation was doing and lend some of my experience as a fund raiser and problem solver.  Now we have an executive staff that comes from a background in fund raising and I am learning even more. 

What is an accomplishment or favorite memory of your time on the Board of Trustees? 

In 2019 I attended a VAREP auction where the person in charge of US Bank community outreach was speaking.  I approached him during a break, got his information and we were able to secure their support for the MAR Gala.  They were back again as a corporate sponsor in 2020.  It never hurts to ask even if you get turned down.  If you do not ask, you may be walking away from something big.  

What would you like people to know about the Foundation’s work? 

There is a lot of work and thought that goes into the Foundation’s work.  We are raising funds that come from corporate entities and members who believe in our mission.  It is important to keep in mind that we use those gifts in the best way to make the biggest possible difference in our communities.  It is a privilege to visit the charities we give to and see what a huge difference we (MAR) are making in the lives of so many people.  “That Is Who We R”.