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Applications for 2024 Committees are now open through October 20!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just beginning your career in real estate, one of the most valuable benefits of membership is the opportunity to participate in committees. Further your professional development and gain leadership experience all while expanding your professional network. Members who volunteer to serve on our committees and advisory groups play a significant role in shaping MAR programs, developing public policy, planning great events and advancing the real estate industry.

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Don’t just take it from us, hear from some of our Committee leaders on why you should get involved!

Linda Rogers, Vice Chair Awards & Community Engagement

Reasons to join the Awards and Community Engagement committee:

1. Impact and Recognition: You play a pivotal role in the selection and decision-making process to recognize and honor individuals for their achievements within the industry and their communities. Those decisions can have a lasting impact on individuals and set a path for future leadership opportunities within our Association.
2. Community Involvement: This is a big and broad opportunity that provides a platform to actively engage with the Association and contribute to the community. You help develop and organize MAR programs, events, or initiatives, from the ground up that promotes active engagement and fun for MAR and the membership. It also allows committee members to have a frontline involvement with organizations and charities that have a direct impact on our communities and people in need.
3. Networking and Collaboration: Serving on this committee provides an opportunity to connect with industry professionals who have a common passion for serving the community. These connections can extend beyond the committee, and you can form lasting friendships.
4. Personal Fulfillment: Volunteering for this MAR committee can bring you a great sense of personal fulfillment. Knowing you are actively contributing to the betterment of the community, and you are impacting the lives of others can be immensely gratifying. The satisfaction comes from the level of achievement you and the committee reach and seeing firsthand the impact it has on others. It’s an amazing and deeply satisfying feeling.
5. Try it! The Awards and Community Engagement Committee offers you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact, engage with the community, develop lasting relationships, and contribute to the overall strength of MAR and the well-being of the community.

Kath Hammerseng, Chair Building & Grounds

The building and grounds committee stewards the maintenance, improvements, disposal and acquisition of Real Property owned by the Minneapolis Association. As Realtors we live our value of property ownership in the form of our building in Edina. It is here we house staff operations, host committee meetings, and hold professional development classes and special events for our members.

Mary Jo Quay, Chair Sustainability

We are all waiting for ’somebody should.’ But if you want to do something about it, you can.  Join a committee, let your voice be heard. Help spread the word.”

Dena Frank, Vice Chair Sustainability

When you join the Sustainability Committee, you not only learn from an array of industry experts on how to make pre-existing or new construction homes more comfortable (inside and out) for you clients, but you can also enjoy networking with others who share the same passion; and are working to bring this information to all REALTOR’s in the Twin Cities area!  We are not only interested in sustainability practices, but how those practices can be used to create affordable housing throughout the metro.

Adade Amenounve, Chair Global Business Council

Global is global, and global is local. For many years, we have been experiencing a shift in the market, and we need to adapt to the change. Learn how to foster relationships with other agents and develop national and international knowledge in real estate. The majority of first-time home buyers will be from another country. How to become culturally sensitive and deliver the best service to your client? Global Business Council is the solution.

Lee Ann Lehto, Chair Government Affairs

Minneapolis Area REALTORS® Government Affairs Committee meets monthly throughout the year to review and analyze local laws, ordinances, regulations that might impact REALTORS® positively or negatively. The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on official positions on those issues. Joining the MAR Government Affairs Committee is a fantastic way to stay deeply informed on real estate industry issues. That knowledge can help you be a better, more informed REALTOR®.

Denise Mazone, Chair Nominating 

It is important to volunteer for committees you are passionate about; this is what makes us who we R!


You can also attend meetings to help you decide where to get involved! View our MAR Calendar to see upcoming open committee meetings.



Ready to apply?

Members are encouraged to submit applications to up to three committees during the sign up period and receive committee assignment(s) for the coming year in December.

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