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Issue Alert!

Maple Grove Approves Rental License Moratorium

On Monday, June 6, the city of Maple Grove passed a Rental License Moratorium for Single-Famliy and Townhomes. The ordinance takes effect July 1st and last for 1 year until July 1, 2023. During that time, the city will not accept or grant any new rental licenses to any Single-Family or Townhome owners. The ordinance does not impact apartment buildings, condos, or other shared entry buildings. Renewals for existing properties can take place during the moratorium, but no new licenses will be granted. The city notes that renting residential property without proper licensing is a crime punishable by law. The city cited (1) a 30% increase in rental applications during the past two years, and (2) inspection backlog as the reasons for the moratorium. REALTORS® are encouraged to inform buyers and sellers about the restrictions during the sales process.

Minneapolis Area REALTORS® Government Affairs Committee has forwarded a comment letter and initiated outreach efforts. REALTORS® will be encouraging the city to expedite rules and process changes and end the moratorium earlier than 1 year.

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MAR Comment Letter 06.14.2022


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