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How to celebrate Earth Day this Spring, and all year long! Tags: Specialty

In honor of Earth Day and “April Showers” let’s talk about managing rainwater in our neighborhoods (and encourage our clients to, too). Intentional stormwater management helps keep our MN lakes, streams and ponds healthy, in addition to reducing flooding and increasing property values.

Why should we care? What’s the problem?

  • Too much water too quickly can lead to flooding and erosion. Not good for homeowners!
  • Stormwater can also bring pollutants into our local lakes and creeks (e.g. salt/chloride, trash & physical debris, and nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen) which is not good for residents who enjoy our local lakes, property owners, or wildlife.

How can we help manage stormwater runoff?

  • Reduce the amount of stormwater runoff reaching our lakes and creeks by:
    • Plant raingardens – they filter out pollutants from runoff, reduce the amount of runoff, replenish groundwater, and provide wildlife habitats
    • Add water cisterns and rain barrels to your property – they prevent pollution from runoff, reduce the amount  of runoff, conserve water and reduce irrigation costs
    • Use pervious pavement or pavers on your patios or driveway – Filters out pollutants from runoff, reduces the amount of runoff, replenishes groundwater
    • Plant or maintain shoreline buffers – they reduce erosion of shorelines, prevent pollution from runoff, increase wildlife habitat and help keep geese away!
  • Reduce the amount of pollution reaching our lakes and creeks

To learn more about this topic, contact your local watershed district.

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What is Ridwell?

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