Foundation Grant Recipient Feature: The Link Tags: Community

The Minneapolis Area Foundation of Realtors is extremely proud of the partnerships it has developed with non-profits dedicated to ending homelessness in our communities. One of those partnerships is with The Link. The Minneapolis-based organization works with youth and families to overcome the impacts of poverty and social injustice. One of the ways it does that is to provide access to stable housing.

Since 2006, the MAR Foundation has donated nearly $27,000 to The Link, helping people like Deloris who became homeless at the age of 18 following 12 years of living in foster care. While homeless, she struggled with mental health issues, was exploited and lost all hope in her future. At The Link, Deloris was able to find housing, employment and achieve her goals in life.

An excerpt from her thank you note shows the importance of the MAR Foundation’s support:

“I so much appreciate you all for the chance to invest in us youth. This opportunity brings forth things as basic as a toothbrush to more important matters such as housing.  It helps our confidence and everyday lives. WE MATTER FOR ONCE! Thank you for making us feel important.”

Save the date for the MAR Foundation’s gala on September 10 as it celebrates another year of supporting local organizations in their efforts to end homelessness in our community. And click here to learn more about the Foundation’s work.