Ever wondered which days are most popular for listings and signed contracts? We have the charts, as usual. Tags: Market Data

We recently received a question regarding which days of the week are most popular for listings and pendings. We had ideas, sure. But we hadn’t really analyzed it before, which should surprise most of you. Today we have the answers.

It turns out Thursdays are the most popular day for new listings while Mondays are (unsurprisingly) the most popular day for signed purchase agreements. Mondays make sense for pendings since it’s common to write an offer right after seeing several homes over the weekend. And these days waiting usually doesn’t pay off. For new listings, Thursdays were just slightly more popular than Fridays. It’s safe to say sellers are looking to get their homes listed before weekend showings and open houses. Perhaps some go with Thursday to allow an extra day for listings to meander their way through the digital maze.

So yes, happy V-day. But also happy L-day (listing day) and P-day (pending day). May your day be filled with love, market stats and love of market stats.