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Energy Efficiency Will be Added to Minneapolis TISH in 2020 Tags: Government Affairs

mIn February 2019, the Minneapolis City Council voted 13-0 to enact ordinance language that would amend the current Truth-In-Sale of Housing program beginning in January 2020.

REALTORS® were involved in the development of this public policy from the beginning. Councilmembers Cam Gordon and Jeremey Schroeder directed proponents and staff to work directly with REALTORS® from the very start. The Minneapolis Area REALTORS® raised six concerns regarding the proposed ordinance and suggested six alternatives. We did not see the addition of Energy Disclosures at the TISH as material benefit to Buyers, Sellers, or the most effective method of the city reaching its energy efficiency goals, since the program is only focused on for-sale homes.

Minneapolis Area REALTORS® Government Affairs committee met with authors, engaged members, and was active throughout the process. While it was clear some version of the ordinance would ultimately pass, a number of changes were made.

Blower Door Test Removed. The proposed ordinance originally included blower door testing. Concerns regarding additional time on property, added costs, and potentially negative health effects of failed blower door testing, lead the author to remove the requirement.

Look Back Period Expanded. The look-back period, if a homeowner previously had a Home Energy Squad test was originally proposed at only 2 years that was expanded to 5 years.

Proof of Insulation Accepted. If a homeowner possesses an invoice from a licensed contractor or other documentation acceptable to the TISH program director, indicating the installation of insulation, the two-inch inspection drill hole maybe be avoided.

So what remains and when will the additional Energy TISH inspection items begin?

Additional items added to the TISH will include: 1) Attic Insulation Type/Depth, 2) Heating system type/age 3) Windows Single Pane 4) Pre-1980 Homes 2” Exterior Facing wall insulation inspection hole, unless acceptable homeowner documentation preempts this inspection. The ordinance will begin in January 2020 and the implementation period begins now. MAR will monitor the progress and update all members of progress throughout.


Eric J. Myers, Director of Government Affairs
Minneapolis Area REALTORS®