Donor Spotlight: Jona Flores Tags: Community

Since the Minneapolis Area REALTORS Foundation’s founding 32 years ago, it has provided more than $1 million to local organizations that work to end homelessness in our communities. Those grants are made possible by the generous contributions of MAR’s members like Jona Flores.

A relatively new member of MAR (she received her license only three years ago), Jona has wasted little time to get involved.  She is on the Young Professionals Network Committee and was a leading donor at the last MAR Foundation Gala.

Jona’s interest in the Foundation was sparked by everyday reminders like her daily commute to her Loring Park office which passes underneath the I-94 ramp near the Basilica. “No matter which day or what temperature it is outside you’ll find someone who doesn’t have a place to go,” says Jona. “We’re exposed to that daily, between our clients and people in our community. It’s a real problem, and people deserve a safe and supportive place to call home.”

As a REALTOR Jona is motivated to give to others, a topic covered in one of the first books she read when she entered the field – The Go-Giver. Applying it to her business at the Good Life Group, she gives every prospective client information, insight, and value to make sure they can make an educated decision that is the best fit for their needs. “Sometimes it means making a move and sometimes it means guiding them to wait,” says Jona. “For me it’s a lot more than finding their next house, it’s a step-by-step process for starting their next chapter.”

Jona is excited to support the MAR Foundation’s efforts and finds it a natural extension of a REALTOR’s work. “Everyone deserves a safe environment to call home,” says Jona. “Please take the time to learn more and support the Foundation. You’ll be glad you did!”.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit the Foundation’s website.