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Cotty Lowry donation to Small Sums Tags: Community

As MAR’s 2020 Realtor of the Year, Cotty Lowry was given $1,000 to donate to the charity of his choice and he selected Small Sums. The St. Paul-based non-profit provides homeless individuals who have found jobs the things they need to show up for their first day of work. Cotty explains why he chose Small Sums for this special gift:

Small Sums is perfectly named. A few years ago, Laurie and I started supporting Small Sums when we learned of their unique social outreach often missed by larger organizations. By quickly granting small amounts of highly focused money, they help homeless succeed where they might otherwise fall through the cracks and fail. In our complex world this is an incredibly important yet simple solution. Here’s their mission statement:

“We believe that given the right tools, opportunities, and guidance, homeless individuals can find living wage employment, and through living wage employment, they will find a place to call home.”

93% of Small Sums clients show their resiliency by coming in with verifiable jobs. What they need is a few dollars for things like bus passes, work shoes, a little training or union dues. Lacking these can be huge obstacles for employment. The help can be one time or last for several months with the average support being around $200 granted within 1 to 3 days! We know the devil is in the details and it’s precisely these small details that end up being the difference between success and failure, happiness or despair.

We understand that this does not immediately put a roof over someone’s head, but we absolutely know this is a direct step in that direction. We have always believed we cannot solve the housing problem without stable employment at a livable wage. When Small Sums helps the employed homeless, they can say yes to a good job which gets them back on the road to self-sufficiency, a stable life and a home.

As a result of the honor you have bestowed upon me this year through the Minneapolis Area Realtors, I am thrilled to honor Small Sums with this financial contribution. Laurie and I hope you will consider joining us in that support.