Committee Spotlight: Government Affairs Tags: Announcements

Jen Piller Quade, Chair of MAR’s Government Affairs Committee, gives us the inside scoop on the committee’s mission, plans for 2021 and more!

What is the mission of the Government Affairs Committee?

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and staying current on all real estate related public policy in MAR’s geographical area. We mobilize on
issues campaigns when necessary, and interview candidates for local offices and determine political support for those candidates.

What should members know about the Government Affairs Committee? Fun fact?

We are the largest Committee in the Association, providing a space for all member voices to be heard. One doesn’t have to know everything about politics to participate.

What is a favorite tip your committee could share with someone in our industry?

Our role is to educate and engage members to make sure they are up to date and in the know on policies that could impact our industry and clients. Most importantly, it excels the service we
provide to our clients.

How can someone support the Government Affairs Committee?

I know we are inundated with phone calls, emails and texts daily, however, please know it’s especially important to be ready for local call to actions. These calls to action harness our
strength in numbers and make our voices heard, especially at the local level. Elected officials truly value our insight.

What plans does your committee have for 2021?

We do not hear from many of our members, and we are working to change that. We have a couple of new approaches we’ve been working on the last couple of years, and implementing them
in 2021. Also, later this year, we have the Minneapolis City Council and Mayoral elections. Our committee will be conducting interviews with all candidates that are willing to participate.

How does the Government Affairs Committee benefit the community/real estate profession?

We are continuing to build our relationships with elected officials, having a seat at the table to provide our Real Estate expertise and help shape policy in the communities we serve.

Why should members join this committee?

In the past two years, we have had more and more interested members wanting to be on the GA Committee. The GA Committee allows one to share perspectives, learn from each other, gather a
deeper understanding of local policy-making and builds relationships with other active members in the industry. One reason I love this committee is that we all are continuously learning from
each other and providing more value to our clients. It’s a truly dedicated group of humble volunteers.