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The city of Champlin has proposed to amend Article II, Chapter 30 of the city code, establishing a Rental Density Cap for single-family residential dwellings (see proposed ordinance). The amendment would apply in R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4, zoning districts, and no more than 10% of single-family lots on any block shall be eligible to obtain a rental license.

Minneapolis Area REALTORS® opposes rental density limits for the following reasons:

  • They disparately affect communities of color, creating long-lasting discriminatory impacts.
  • They negatively impact rights to homeownership and rights to private property.
  • Housing rights are denied unfairly to 90%, while simultaneously conferring rights to 10%.
  • Rental properties are essential to a healthy housing market.
  • Strong rental demand is a positive signal for communities, and something we should fulfill.

REALTORS® urge the council to oppose rental density caps. Instead, strengthen existing ordinances that solve specific issues and expand housing choice. Embrace individuals seeking the opportunity to join your community. Seek to provide them with options, incentives, and paths to homeownership within your city.  Today’s renter may very well be tomorrow’s homeowner—both are deserving residents of your community.

Click below to read MAR’s letter of opposition, as well as the talking points around this topic.

MAR Letter Opposing Rental Density Ordinance

MAR Rental Density Talking Points

Contact Champlin elected officials today, and urge Champlin City Council to protect housing choice and preserve property rights.

Mayor –  Email Ryan Karasek

Ward 1 – Email Jessica Tesdall

Ward 2 – Email Tom Moe

Ward 3 – Email Nate Truesdell

Ward 4 – Email Ryan Sabas