Advocacy Update 9-8-2020 Tags: Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee has been conducting surveys and interviews of candidates for local public office. Look for the Committee’s local candidate recommendations later this month.

State Level
It is widely expected that Governor Walz will both call the legislature into a special session and extend the peacetime emergency order for another 30 days on Friday. The current state level eviction and foreclosure moratorium is contingent on the continued emergency order which currently expires on 9/11.

Federal Level
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order prohibiting certain evictions for failure to pay rent, in an effort to halt the spread of COVID-19. The order is in place between September 4, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Some evictions may still be possible for other reasons. State and Local laws may be more restrictive but this order overrides anything less restrictive. Please consult the National Association of REALTORS® 1-pager on the subject can be found here. Do be aware of the intersection between Federal, State, and local laws and consider consulting an attorney prior to taking any eviction actions.