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Advocacy Update 4/26/2021 Tags: Government Affairs

Wayzata considered three versions of a development moratorium
The City of Wayzata considered three versions of a development moratorium in their City Council meeting last week. MAR staff met with city leaders to express opposition to moratoriums that impose long-term stalls in private development and recommended the least restrictive version of a development moratorium. After two failed motions to pass differing versions, the Council could not reach a consensus to pass the ordinance. No development moratorium is to be implemented in Wayzata at this time. MAR staff will continue to update members on similar proposals.

Minneapolis just cause and pre-eviction filing notice
The Minneapolis City Council received an update on their ordinance relating to just cause evictions and pre-eviction filing notice requirements. No language was provided but the Just Cause Notice proposed requirement is expected to mirror the equivalent St. Paul ordinance. Based on current information, we believe the public hearing will be scheduled for May 18 in Committee and then the full Council to vote on May 28.

Preliminary injunction of the St. Paul tenant protections ordinance
Federal District Court Judge Paul Magnuson granted a preliminary injunction of the St. Paul Stable, Accessible, Fair & Equitable (S.A.F.E.) tenant protections ordinance. As a result, the City of St. Paul is prohibited from enforcing the ordinance pending a trial on the claims made in the lawsuit. A copy of the Order can be read here.