Advocacy Update 3-8-2021 Tags: Government Affairs


On March 1, the Jordan City Council unanimously approved an amendment to their Rental Licensing & Inspections Regulations. This vote eliminates the crime free training as part of the rental licensing requirement while making administrative changes to their violations subsection in order to make that provision more enforceable without changing its original intent. MAR’s Government Affairs Director Eric Myers describes this change as, “the latest city policy in a larger trend of rethinking social justice in the housing industry that is likely to continue for years to come.” This ordinance will go into effect on March 15.



Bloomington is exploring adding a Time of Sale Energy DisclosureSign up for a Realtor® listening session on March 17.

Realtors® familiar with Minneapolis Energy TISH will note that the City of Bloomington is entering initial discussions regarding a similar ordinance. Center for Energy and Environment is working with City of Bloomington’s Sustainability Coordinator Emma Struss on the proposal. 89% of Bloomington’s housing was built before the 1980 Energy Code, with over 9,000 homes built between 1950-1959. This is about one to two decades older than Minneapolis housing stock. Two additional inspections are being considered with regard to A/C and Water Heaters, otherwise the ordinances are likely to be very similar. The two-inch hole that facilitates wall inspection of wall insulation, not an inspector favorite, is also still in the proposal.



The City of Edina has created a Housing Preservation program to buy and preserve smaller single-family homes in the community.


Hennepin County

Emergency rent assistance is currently available to Hennepin County residents with unpaid rent and very low incomes. This is for renter-initiated applications only. ​​​​The deadline to apply is March 19 at noon.

More help will be available later this month as part of a statewide COVID-19 Emergency Rent Assistance program.