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A Realtor’s Guide to DEI-Informed Business Planning in 2024 Tags: Specialty


We believe all people deserve to be represented by a Realtor® who’s on their team—a professional equipped with a breadth of knowledge and a commitment to ensuring a fair and equitable process for what is likely the biggest transaction of their lives. A critical part of that representation is a commitment to understanding difficult parts of the industry’s history and biases, and proactively seeking resources to better themselves and their business.  MAR’s DEI Committee hosted a Roundtable event earlier this year that provided an excellent space for Realtors® to explore their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens, and leverage various resources for a more inclusive approach to their 2024 business planning. Consider this wealth of resources and how they can be harnessed for a more equitable real estate industry:

  1. Documentary Insights: “Newsday Investigation: Long Island Divided”
    • Explore this documentary, shedding light on intentional and unintentional steering in real estate. Learn from real-life examples to understand the impact of such practices on marginalized communities.
  2. Local Projects and Coalition Resources:
  3. Real Estate Agent Professional Trade Organizations:
  4. Realtor Associations:
  5. NAR Fair Housing Certificates and Courses:
  6. Local Housing Organizations:

By leveraging the diverse array of resources provided, Realtors® can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable real estate industry. Let’s work together to build a future where folks of all backgrounds and identities have equal access to housing opportunities.