7,271 Closed Sales Recorded in June 2004 Tags:

Here at MAAR, we fully understand what it means to have thousands of real estate professionals and countless home buyers and sellers rely on you for unbiased, accurate and timely information. A big part of who we are (and one of the top reasons why 8,000+ professionals are members of our association) is our market reporting environment and our commitment to data excellence and transparency.

Recently, it’s come to our attention that there has been some misinformation swirling around out there. Because of our commitment to research and accurate data—and to empowering consumers with the information they need to make data-driven decisions—we’d like to set the record straight. That way, real estate professionals, the media and the general public are all working with the same set of facts. We just can’t sit quietly in the face of unchecked and inaccurate housing information. A little bit of quality assurance work can save major headaches down the road. Too many families base their largest financial transaction on this sort of information.


There is a recent report circulating that states closed sales in June reached a record high. This is inaccurate. June 2016 closed sales today stand at 7,209 in Infosparks after late status change entries but officially stood at 7,094 in our published reports. Neither figure exceeded the 7,271 closed sales recorded in June 2004, though it was close.

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