FAQs 2021 MLS Fee Increase Tags: Announcements

What is happening?

For 2021, quarterly MLS access fees will increase $1 per month to $122/quarter.

What if I join mid-quarter?

The MLS access fee will be prorated at $41/month.

Why the increase now?

NorthstarMLS has increased its cost by this amount to ensure our MLS continues to provide the highest quality service.

What has MAR done to manage the impact of this dues increase?

  • MAR has worked to find cost-savings for members elsewhere and was able to reduce the Supra eKey app price to members by $2/month in 2020.
  • NorthstarMLS had increased its cost to MAR last year, the MAR Board of Directors decided to absorb those increased costs rather than pass along to the membership. But this year, the budget did not allow for that without running a deficit.