2021 Election Results Tags: Government Affairs

We hope many of you were able to participate in the many local elections on Tuesday, November 2nd! At MAR, part of our work is around advocacy, focusing on the issues that are the most pertinent to your business. As part of your member benefits, we work hard to advocate for the member base and their clients to:

  • Protect their business, the industry and homeowners’ rights.
  • Monitor legislation affecting the real estate industry, promoting or opposing relevant initiatives.
  • Protect homeownership, private property rights and hold policy makers accountable.

This year’s elections involved a long and research-based process of endorsement, and we’re proud that the majority of MAR-endorsed candidates won their elections. Further, the ballot question around rent control passed by only a slim margin in Minneapolis, likely due to the creation and voice of the Sensible Ballot Housing Committee which MAR was a member of. And now, although that vote didn’t land how we wanted, we are now already involved in the discussions of what such measures may look like.

We’re proud of these efforts to protect the best interests of Realtors® and their clients. Please see below or click here for a full list of election outcomes.


MN-RPAC Endorsed Winning Campaigns:

Jacob Frey – Minneapolis Mayor

Michael Rainville – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 03

LaTrisha Vetaw – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 04

Jamal Osman – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 06

Lisa Goodman – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 07

Andrea Jenkins – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 08

Emily Koski – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 11

Andrew Johnson – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 12

Linea Palmisano – Minneapolis Council Member Ward 13

Nathan Coulter – Bloomington Council Member at Large

Lona Dallessandro – Bloomington Council Member Ward 03

Gillian Rosenquist – Golden Valley Council Member

Denise La Mere-Anderson – Golden Valley Council Member

Gerard Balan – Hopkins Council Member

Margaret Rog – St Louis Park Council Member Ward 01

Lynette Lungay Dumalag – St Louis Park Council Member Ward 02

Jim Leuthner – St. Louis Park Council Member Ward 03