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The REALTOR®: more than a real estate agent

The picture of professionalism. A powerhouse of information. An upstanding member of your community. You work hard to make dream homes a reality, but you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Once you get your license, boost your business with a little symbol that carries a lot of weight by joining the Minneapolis Area REALTORS® (MAR). Click here for a helpful downloadable handout on how to join, as well as a breakdown of dues and fees.

Before you apply

Is your real estate license active?
Is your brokerage a current member of MAR?

How to join

Complete and submit application. Staff will contact you to process your application. Note: you will need to provide a copy of your real estate license in order to apply. Send completed applications to info@mplsrealtor.com. Applications will be processed within two business days once payment and required course date preference is received.

Attend a New Member Orientation & Code of Ethics training

Supra Key and Lockbox System is an optional service