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MAAR Ambassador Program to Ireland

Think Sister-City – this NAR program links a foreign Cooperating Association with a U.S. state or local REALTOR® association. The Ambassador Association works closely with a President’s Liaison and Regional Coordinator to expand global business opportunities. MAAR’s cooperating association is Ireland’s Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) 


In October, 2016,  MAAR together with Ireland’s Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) hosted a Trade Mission to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Trade Missions are international trips organized for the purpose of exploring international business opportunities, learning about a foreign market and building relationships. 2016 MAAR President Judy Shields expressed “I’m excited to bring a delegation to Ireland and meet with IPAV professionals to learn how Ireland’s real estate industry conducts business, share ideas, and develop business opportunities between the two associations.”  

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Committee Members

Nene Matey-Keke (Chair)
Susan Jackson (Vice Chair)
Cari Linn (Immediate Past President)
Claire Killen (NAR President Liaison to Ireland)
Razia Akhtar
Yu Jie Chen
Brandon Doyle

Lois Engebretson
Michael Hartung
Ingrid Hershkowitz
Elizabeth Beckley-Higgins
Brandon Layland
Pat Paulson
Melissa Roterdam
Pablo Vielguth


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The Principles of the Feng Shui 
August 9, 2017  11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Feng Shui takes the approach that your surroundings affect not just your level of material comfort, but also your physical and mental health, your relationships, and your world success. Join us for a delicious Chinese lunch with Carole J. Hyder, founder of Wind& Water School of Feng Shui, as she shares with us the principles of Feng Shui and how this will enable you to provide better service as a REALTOR


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