Get to Know President Judy Shields

 Get to Know 2016 MAAR President, Judy Shields


Judy was recently inducted as the 2016 MAAR President. She is excited to be president and is ready to represent the real estate community and govern the association. We wanted everyone to get a chance to get to know Judy a little better so we set up an interview with her and asked a few questions.


 How would you describe yourself?

Energetic, passionate, eager to help and a good listener. I’m a REALTOR® on the street who has the same concerns that other REALTOR® members do.

What is advice that you would give a brand new agent?

Be patient. You are starting your own business. A lot of money has to go out before money comes in.

How do you meet clients for your business?

I have a Facebook and LinkedIN Page. I do a lot of networking. I have served on the Uptown Association Board, East Calhoun Neighborhood Board, volunteer at Gilda’s Clubhouse and I started my own business networking group called PNG West.

Can you tell us about your three ‘Cs’ emphasis during your presidency: Communication, Collaboration and Creativity? 

The three Cs fit into what I wanted to focus on this year at the association which is to open doors across committees, brokerages and associations.

Tell me about someone you really admire?

My Grandmother. She was a strong woman who lived with my family in Chicago Heights starting when I was in high school. In many ways, she was before her time. She worked as a 5th grade teacher and insurance agent when most women were not working outside the home. She actually helped me with research for some of my college papers.  I cherish those years we spent together.

Living in Uptown you have so many places to eat. Do you have a favorite restaurant?

Lucias is my favorite restaurant because it’s convenient and they offer sit down, a wine bar and deli. I always say if my husband Michael didn’t cook, we wouldn’t eat. So, when we stay home he is our chef. Our backup is to call Bite Squad.

Do you like to travel?

I love to travel. I would go on a trip every year if I could. My favorite trip was a cruise from Rome to Barcelona. I am planning another trip to Croatia soon.

 What do you do in your free time?

My top two favorite activities are yoga and biking. I’m training for the MS150.


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