Membership FAQ

Membership Application

Do I need a copy of my real estate license in order to join?

Yes, we will need your real estate license in order to complete your application for membership. If you do not have a copy of your license number, you can get it from your broker or The Department of Commerce.

Now what do I have to do?

Complete your application to MAAR. You may mail or bring your completed application, along with a copy of your real estate license to the MAAR office. Our Membership team will help you get started as a MAAR member and will schedule you into the next available orientation program. Membership Applications received after 3:30 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

What if I am transferring from another association?

Complete a Membership Application and mail or bring your completed application, along with a copy of your real estate license, to the MAAR office. If your current annual dues have been paid, there will be no fee to transfer. If you are using the Supra Keybox System, please complete the Supra Transfer form.

I do not have my real estate license; can I be a MAAR member?

Yes, affiliate memberships are available. As stated in the MAAR bylaws, Section 4(membership) 5b, there are five categories of membership. These include: REALTOR® Members, Institute Affiliate Members, Affiliate members, Senior Members and Unlicensed Assistant Members. Affiliate members are typically home inspectors, mortgage brokers, title companies, home stagers, etc.


Membership Dues

How much does it cost to join?

That depends on your membership type. Membership dues are set annually by the Local, State and National boards, and so are subject to change each year. See fee schedule.

When are membership renewals due?

Dues are paid at time of application. First year dues amount depends upon the month of application as dues are prorated monthly. Annual membership renewal is billed to you via your email address on file around November 1 of each year to your office address on record. Annual dues must be received by the first Tuesday of December to avoid incurring a late fee.

Why do I have to pay dues if I am already paying a fee to my broker?

The fees assessed to you through your broker may include your MLS service, marketing, technology and other office related expenses. These fees are separate from association dues. Please contact your broker for a full description of their charges.


Membership Benefits

What is included in my membership?

Memberships to MAAR (Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS®), MNAR (Minnesota Association of REALTORS®) and NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) are included in your membership.

Why do I have to pay dues to three REALTOR® associations?

MAAR operates at the local level, MNAR at the state level, and NAR on the national level. The associations work together to create an organized real estate market. You will learn more and understand about association involvement in our Orientation program.

What do the REALTOR® associations do?

MAAR works in conjunction with the national and state associations in the areas of:
• Research and information services
• Technology support services
• Professional development programs
• Governmental and regulatory affairs
• Multiple listing services
• Community volunteer programming
• Professional standards (ethics and arbitration)
• Legal and risk reduction

What types of services does MAAR provide agents? What’s in it for me?

Through MAAR, an agent has access to many products, services and benefits, many at discounted prices. We help connect REALTORS® to resources that enhance member productivity, profitability and professionalism. MAAR concentrates on:
• Build, support and promote an organized real estate market
• Support and promote private property ownership
• Foster, support and promote a vibrant real estate market
• Advocate REALTOR® friendly governmental and regulatory policy



What is covered in Orientation?

We explore all benefits of membership and resources offered by each association, REALTOR® Safety and professionalism. You will meet MAAR staff and understand the role of MAAR as a business partner in your work, and how your dues are spent.

Do I have to attend MAAR orientation?

Yes. MAAR is in the business of helping REALTORS® connect to resources, tools, research and other REALTORS®. Orientation teaches new members how to access the REALTOR® resources through the association and understands MAAR operating policies and procedures. Only upon completion of Orientation and The Code of Ethics training are you a member of the association, and able to call yourself a “REALTOR®.”

When are the next Orientation dates?

Refer to the Orientation Calendar. MAAR offers Orientation each month to easily accommodate all new members. All members must complete Orientation within 90 days of submitting their application.

What if I don’t go to Orientation or No-Show?

At MAAR we accept cancellations/reschedules up until 8:30 a.m. on Orientation day, at no charge. However, if you fail to cancel your class, we charge a $25.00 rescheduling fee to create another space for you. Per the MAAR bylaws (article 5, section 3, paragraph B), applicants are a real estate licensee but not a REALTOR® until new member requirements are fulfilled, including orientation.

Does orientation cover our Agency and/or Fair Housing requirements?

No. The online or instructor-led ethics course will cover your ethics requirement only.

How can I complete the required ethics portion of new member orientation?

You may participate in instructor-led training at MAAR immediately following orientation.

How do I know how many credits I get for orientation?

There are no CE credits for the Orientation Class, however you will receive 2.5 credits for the Code of Ethics course. The MAAR Education Department will upload your credits to the Minnesota Department of Commerce Pulse Portal website.

Do I need to attend orientation before I get access to MLS or a Keybox?

As long as you apply for membership and pay membership dues, MLS fees and Supra Key fees, access will begin immediately for the Supra Keys and within a half hour for MLS. Once you attend orientation, you will have member only access to MNAR (state) and NAR (national) websites using your NRDS ID and password.

Why don’t I have access to Minnesota’s forms website before Orientation?

If you have not attended an Orientation program, you are technically a pending member. You will have full privileges once your new member orientation and ethics requirement is fulfilled. You are able to access forms on the NorthstarMLS website, using Instanet as soon as your MLS access is active.

Why do I have to schedule my orientation date so far out? Isn’t there anything sooner?

The training room at MAAR accommodates 54 people. When our Orientations are filled to capacity we make every attempt to schedule you into the next available program.


Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Do I get MLS access with Membership? When does it begin?

Yes, if your broker has an MLS account at MAAR. MLS access is an additional fee billed quarterly to your email address that we have on file. After your application is processed, you should be able to access NorthstarMLS in a half hour.

What type of computer do I need to run the MLS system? What about software?

Any computer that can run Internet Explorer (IE) version 5.5 or above with version 7 is recommended. All MLS software is browser based. The Matrix software also runs on Mac.

What’s the difference between Multiple Listing Services provided by MAAR versus those offered through Regional MLS?

There is no difference. They are one in the same. MAAR administers the membership, training, and logon functions for member access to NorthstarMLS for the RMLS.

How do I access Northstar MLS?

We recommend that you change the password right away as you enter into the website. Go to, click on Matrix. Under the log in screen, click on “I want to change my password€.

What if I forget my NorthstarMLS password or it has expired?

If you forget your password or if your password has expired, go the Matrix link on Click on “I forgot my password” and follow the directions. You must enter the exact email address that is currently stored in the NorthstarMLS database. If you need more information you can contact either the NorthstarMLS Helpdesk (651.251.5456, or MAAR Member Services (952.933.9010, during normal business hours. Need to change/update your email address? You may log in to your member portal at to update your email, address or preferred contact number.


NAR’s Mandatory 2-Year Cycle of Ethics Training

Why is NAR mandating this training?

It’s called the “Three Way Agreement,” and links the local, state and national associations together through the adoption of interlocking bylaw sections. Under it, NAR adopts the Code and sets the requirements for you to hold REALTOR® membership. Your basic membership obligations are to “abide by the Code of Ethics,” “agree to arbitrate business disputes,” and “pay your dues.” In addition, completing the mandatory NAR Ethics refresher course every 2 years has been added. | CODE OF ETHICS HOMEPAGE | CODE OF ETHICS TOPICS AND PRINTOUT | ETHICS COMPLAINTS

What are the reasons for implementing the Code of Ethics training?

1.) The industry is changing fast and the Code is continually updated to reflect new business models and new client relationships. It is a duty and obligation REALTORS® owe their clients, customers and other REALTORS® to know these codes. A vast majority of the complaints reviewed by the Professional Standards Committee are ethical violations and the consequences imposed with the infractions are a range of penalties including fines in amounts up to $5,000.
2.) Adherence to the Code of Ethics is the critical difference between you and the non-REALTOR® licensees in Minnesota. It is the strongest selling point for using a REALTOR®. Keeping up to date with the Code is part of your commitment as a real estate professional and REALTOR®.
3.) What if an agent does not know if they have met the requirement? Members can verify they have taken an ethics class from MAAR by accessing MAAR’s website.
New Agents: Any agent who has joined MAAR since January 1, 2001 has completed the quadrennial ethics 1 course as a part of their orientation process. Agents can verify completion by using the IMS process described above. If an agent has been inactive from an association for more than 1 year, they are required by NAR to retake the new member orientation and code of ethics course upon reinstating their membership.
Transferring Agents: Any REALTOR® transferring to MAAR from another Board/Association, who has completed the current 2-Year Cycle Ethics training requirement shall not be required to complete any additional ethics training for that quadrennial if the REALTOR® can provide satisfactory documentation of completion.

What if an agent has not yet met the requirement?

There are a number of ways agents can still meet the deadline. 1.) By taking NAR’s online ethics class at Click Code of Ethics Training. Next, click Quadrennial Code of Ethics Training. Next, click “Begin the Existing-Member Course Now.” Once the agent successfully completes the ethics course, they will receive an email confirmation of completion from NAR. The agent must forward the NAR completion email to 2.) MAAR provides several instructor-led ethics training classes. More information regarding the NAR Ethics requirement can be found at


KeyBox System

How often do I have to change the batteries?

The lithium battery in the Supra iBox cannot be recharged or replaced. The expected life is approximately 6 years. If your iBox has a low charge (5-10%), you can bring the box to the association and we will replace it. The battery in the Supra DisplayKEY can be recharged by letting it sit in the cradle for a few hours. If you are unsure of the battery status of your Supra DisplayKEY, check it by turning the key on (ENTER) and scrolling down until you see BATTERY STATUS on the screen. Hit ENTER again and the percent of battery power remaining will be displayed.

How much does the system cost?

The annual fee is prorated on the 17th day of every month. In other words, if you start a key lease in November, you will pay whatever is left on the lease to take you through to the following July. See fee table. If you have an eKEY (the software on your wireless phone) you are billed monthly $12.75 monthly.  iBoxes are for purchase only at $113.00 + tax.

What is my EKEY PIN code?

Call the MAAR office at 952.933.9020 for assistance.

How will the KeyBox hold up in cold weather?

Electronic KeyBoxes have half of 1% failure rate. This compares to a failure rate of 3% for combination KeyBoxes. The KeyBoxes are used successfully in Fargo-Moorhead, Brainerd Lakes, Rochester, Alexandria and southern Minnesota.

What if I get out of real estate? Can I break the DisplayKEY lease?

You may terminate the lease at any time and for any reason. In the Keyholder Lease Agreement, this is referred to under number 11 Termination. To terminate the lease, simply return your Supra DisplayKEY and Supra Cradle (with cords) to the Association office. You will not receive a refund for the remainder of the lease. You will be released from the contract immediately upon termination.To cancel your eKEY service, contact the board. The service will not be cancelled upon the inactivation of your membership with MAAR.

Do I need to update my key every day?

The DisplayKEY/eKEY does not have to be updated every day. There are 3 different ways to update your DisplayKEY:
1.) To update the KEY automatically, place it in the cradle sometime before midnight. It will update at its assigned time between 12am-6am. For those who have the USB cradle (that plugs into your USB port on your computer) you need to leave the computer on over night for this to occur.
2.) You can update the KEY anytime you want to on any functional cradle. Hit ENTER on your key, scroll down to the screen that says MANUAL ESYNC. Hit ENTER again and the screen will display PLACE KEY IN CRADLE. Do just that and the KEY should be updated in about 30 seconds.
3.) You may call the KIM VOICE number located on the back of your DisplayKEY or on p. 30 of the eKEY user’s manual.
Updating the eKEY: The app also should automatically update each day when you open it. You can also tap the €Update€ button within the app itself.

What if I lose my DisplayKEY?

Notify MAAR immediately. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $1,000.00. The association will deactivate your old DisplayKEY and issue you a new one. There is a $159.98 fee (includes tax) to replace your lost DisplayKEY. This fee is payable by credit card or check. If you find your lost DisplayKEY within thirty days from the date it was replaced, return it to the office and Supra will refund you 100%. Anytime after 30 days, you will be refunded 100% MINUS a $30 restocking fee. If you lose the wireless adapter for your eKEY, you’€™ll need to purchase a new one from the board or from Supra.

How do I know who visited my listings?

There are 2 ways to view an activity report to show who has successfully gained access to one of your iBoxes.
1.) Go to the box and read it with your DisplayKEY or eKEY. Hit ENTER and scroll down to READ KEYBOX, hit ENTER again, then hit 2 for NEW READ. Next, you will need to enter the shackle code for that iBox. Hit ENTER again and point the KEY at the sensor on your iBox. It will beep for a while. Wait for 4 rapid beeps to indicate that it was read successfully. Now go back to the READ KEYBOX menu on your KEY and hit ENTER. Select 1 for VIEW LAST READ.
eKEY users will need to select Read Activity€ on their app. Input the shackle code and turn on the wireless adapter. Press the €œBegin button when it comes up on the screen, and then point the adapter at the lockbox. To view the activity later, select that specific lockbox under the €œInventory€ button on your app, and then tap on “Activity.”
2.) View showing activity on KIMWEB. Go to and login to SupraWEB. You will see a “view showing activity” link. If you registered your iBoxes on KIM you will see activity for each iBox listed.